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Motor vehicle mechanic to managing director. That is also OK and fortunately possible for everyone in Germany.

NFT Inhalte

Will probably never buy, but I also wanted to have my NFT s and my digital wallet 🙂 I still have a hard time understanding that Internet 3.0, but just with dealing with NFTs, you inevitably have to deal with the issue.

Moodle Kurs Beispiel

I like it to work on developing digital courses for vocational education. I will post some examples over time and would like to see digital learning developed, shared and used in an educationally meaningful way. The site has just been created and is also just a hobby of mine.

HFDcert Profil

I liked the idea of HFDcert. We acquire many competencies in the course of our lives and there are never certificates or proofs. Here you can get certificates in a peer to peer process. The approach of HFDcert is very good, but we should have something internationally comprehensive, so that you can always prove your qualification at any time and in any place, not only on the basis of training courses or courses, but also on the basis of your projects and experiences.


I want to stay connected to my Friends.

Udemy Kurs

I created a course on Udemy, knowing that not many people would be interested. The important thing in life is to pursue your ideas.


I changed my photo page from unsplash to pexels


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