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SGAVE Teacher Qualification


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2 replies on “SGAVE Teacher Qualification”

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    Hallole, KJ!

    Thank you so much for messaging me on my site. (Und zwar auf Deutsch! Das hat mich sehr gefreut.)

    Your site is fascinating, and your work and interests look like pure joy. Oh – and I loved your elearning memory game! I didn’t want to stop playing it. Really nicely done.

    I have a good friend (who also studied Germanistik) who went back to teaching English abroad recently. He wanted to work in China, but just after the lockdown it was tough getting visas/work permits, so he chose a position in Vietnam instead. I just shared your site with him since I knew he’d love to see the video you did talking about your work and showing your students working together – plus all of your stunning photos of China!

    Anyway – thank you again for getting in touch. 😀

    Schöne Grüße aus South Carolina! (Oh – and what did you do when you were here in SC?)


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    kjbroome says:

    I was working for BMW and BMW does have a factory in South Carolina (Spartanburg). I did some trainings for the technical trainers of BMW in US. It was always a great time. Lets stay in touch, maybe I need your help some day or I have a chance to go to South Carolina again.
    All the best from Shanghai

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