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Apple Photo Course

In our shopping mall around the corner, there is also an Apple store. But not only that, there are also many different stores from other smartphone brands exhibiting and selling here. We have Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Honor and Vivo. And I know this because I often look at all the beautiful devices when my wife goes shopping for the survival essentials.

Smartphone manufacturers are outdoing themselves in offering new and ever-improving features and beautiful designs. After watching this regularly for the last few years (my wife goes shopping often), I’ve really realized again what the difference is between Apple and the rest of the cell phone world.

In the Apple store in China, everyone speaks English well to very well, while in the other stores, no one does. The employees are familiar with the products, are courteous, the Apple Store is very well equipped. Everything fits together.

Every day there are courses for the devices and software. You can simply sign up for free and join in. Two very nice young employees took us on a tour of the shopping mall and showed us new ideas for seeing the world from a different perspective.

Think Different – the difference is not in the device, or in more or less good technology, but in what people can identify with.


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