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Business Trip to Beijing

I haven’t been to Beijing for a long time. Now the opportunity arose again and I was able to relive the feeling of a city I lived in for a year. Beijing feels very different from Shanghai. It’s hard to describe what actually makes the difference. Somehow heavier and more powerful, just like a capital city and not like Shanghai, which is just an international metropolis. Modern and a little lighter and more fashionable.

I’m staying at the COFFIZZ Hotel, right behind the historic 17th century Catholic Church. A sought-after place to shoot wedding photos. I saw at least 20 happy couples. I hope the condition continues ­čÖé

Wangfujian is a very famous street in Beijing, where all the big brands are found and thousands of visitors crowd the street, especially now on Sunday and when the weather is nice. The dancer in the photo immediately invited me to take her picture.


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