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Christmas in Sanya

Last week I was in Sanya and it was simply relaxing and cozy! You can experience Christmas in a completely different way there.

To be honest, I spent most of my time in the hotel and on the beach. The hotel was ok and quite cheap at the time. The beach and the sea in this area are more suitable for walking than swimming.

The weather is just right at this time of year, up to 27 degrees during the day and it cools down in the evening, so you can visit the many restaurants and enjoy seafood in the evening with a light jacket. All in all, a nice change from the cold weather at home.

My conclusion

So, if you need a break from winter or want to experience Christmas in a different way, I can really recommend Sanya, even if it is very touristy. It was so relaxing to just do nothing and enjoy the sun.


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