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Visual Wordsmith

The new version of ChatGPT allows you to create your own personalized ChatGPTs for specific tasks. For those who have access to version 4, here is an example of Visual Wordsmith:


Create a title, description and definition of key words to make it easier to find photos.


The texts should be created in a poetic style. The keywords should make it easier to find the photos.


Load a photo into the system

  • Start the process
  • ChatGPT creates the corresponding results
  • An artificial photo (see below) can then be created.

Additional Promt:

Create an artificial representation of the photo as a graphic

Have fun trying it out

Example: Foto from a Coffee Shop


Minimalist Repose


In a corner of serene contemplation, a minimalist tableau whispers stories of stillness. A lone monstera leaf, ensconced in a vase of clarity, adds a touch of verdant life to the stoic grace of the dark table. Soft light dances on the walls, casting an ethereal glow that enlivens the spartan space. Here, in the quietude of an unadorned room, the simplicity is not merely a style but a symphony in hush tones.


minimalist interior, serene space, monstera leaf, simplicity, still life, natural light, interior design, modern minimalism, quietude, contemplative corner, tranquil setting, elegant simplicity, architectural minimalism.

Additional Promt:

Create an artificial representation of the photo as a graphic.

Video Tutorial


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