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SGAVE-Projekt in Guiyang: A Visit at a Partner School

In the heart of Guizhou Province, in the dynamic city of Guiyang, we had the opportunity to be not just guests but also co-creators at the opening of a new SGAVE class. As speakers at the opening ceremony, we were able to share our vision and hopes for the SGAVE project. After all, our project is a cooperation between Germany and China and has great significance as a project promoting vocational education.

Our active role continued with the conduct of training on the topic of ‘German dual vocational education.’ In these sessions, we were able to share our expertise and experiences to create a solid understanding of this proven education system.

Besides our professional mission, we also had the chance to dive into the local culture of the region. Our visit to Qingyan, near Guiyang, was a highlight. Although very touristy, Qingyan offered a fascinating insight into China’s past.


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