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Walk in the Backyard

After 12 days in the apartment, I can go outside again, but only in the area of our community. It means that all residents of our apartments tested negative and thus can go outside after another 7 days, that means, leave the community. I took some photos in the community today. Actually, there are relatively few people taking the opportunity.

The economy in Shanghai is under pressure. Many of our friends can’t work or have limited work. The supply chains are restricted. It’s hard to get a delivery service to bring food to your home. We have enough spare and today the neighbor gave us four more apples, a friend wants to send us a watermelon. My wife will probably need treatment on her thumb soon if she keeps clicking like that on her shopping app.

Anyway, we are healthy and still have everything we need to live. When you’re young, you can live on air and love. So maybe that’s possible when you’re old, too!



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