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Café de Mars

Although I am now much and gladly back on the road by car, I still find many beautiful details in my near environment. Café de Mars is again a typical place that was not far from my home and completely new to me.

The Suzhou River is good for walking or jogging. There are developed footpaths next to the river and there are just a few cars driving in this part of the district. In the evening, there is a nice view of the river and the old houses are nicely renovated and lit up.

Completely inconspicuous, across the street in an old factory, is Café de Mars. The interior looks like someone gathered many items over many months and placed them here as exhibits. The Kalashnikov on the poster and the English bedside lamp next to it. Posters, postcards and lots of furniture, all different styles, but always with their own character.

Piano music is playing softly in the background and the small fountain on the balcony is splashing away. So, perfect to dream and read, or for a good conversation with friends. Only the coffee is too expensive. You pay here apparently for silence and ambience. I enjoyed it today.

PS: On the map I have a small sample route to find the area and the Café de Mars.


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