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Guangzhou First Impression

Actually, I have been to Guangzhou twice, however, as is often the case, I could hardly get to know anything of the city. Mostly I only got to know the hotel and the schools we visited. This time I have a little more time and opportunity and will take a closer look at the city. Of course, this is meant relatively. Guangzhou has about 15 million inhabitants and the cities of the Pearl River Delta, which have grown together in the meantime, have 65 million inhabitants. So what you get to know is always only a very small section of very lively, heavily populated cities in China.

Today I witnessed the small area around my hotel awakening in the morning. The small stalls are preparing breakfast and slowly the traffic is getting heavier and people are sitting on the small camping chairs next to the small stores, eating Guangzhou delicacies and drinking soy milk. I go back to my other world, to the international hotel and will have my online meeting. So everything meets in a very small space. Traditional world, modern world and virtual world. Nice, isn’t it?


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