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The modern Guangzhou

While yesterday I was cycling in one of the older parts of the city, today I was driven and accompanied by a colleague to the modern part of the city. The Canton Tower is the landmark of the city and you can look from the top (450 m) over the whole city. The pedestrian bridge over the river was completed only last year and leads across to a small artificial island with a well-kept park and some houses, which are certainly very expensive.

Here in this part of the city, you think that Guangzhou is like any modern big city. In the poorer neighborhoods, you feel like you’re in the south of Asia, like Bangkok or Hong Kong. Everything is very lively. Lines of people crowd through the small alleys with markets and small stores.

Unfortunately, I could only get to know very little of a diverse city in the south of China. But surely there will come another opportunity and a new experience.


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